Yue Miyagi

Yue Miyagi

Kanji Guitars is proud to announce its collaboration with international award winning guitarist, Yue Miyagi. Yue is an official endorser of Kanji Guitars and plays a Kanji custom S-Type HSS.

Originally from Japan, Yue has played guitar for many artists at venues throughout the world and for various TV shows, in addition to recording songs for movies and albums in Japan. Her career as an award winning guitarist has enabled her to perform in countries such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and London.

In 2013 her award-winning project “ YUE’s Bumping Jam”  was awarded the “Godin Player’s Competition Special Award “ and was also featured in a Compilation Album produced by “Anchorage Records”(Scotland) in 2015.

In 2016, Epiphone awarded her the “Epiphone Artist Award” and since then she has become an official endorser for Epiphone.

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